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policies & procedures

This program is designed to enhance your knowledge of natural hair care and braiding. LNHC School reserves the right to keep a professional and safe environment for staff and students. These simple policies and procedures are set forth to promote a structured environment conducive to learning. As a student of LNHC School, you agree to read and follow the policies and procedures put in place by this learning institution.

Expectations for Conduct and Integrity

  • Students are expected to use professional, respectable language and gestures when communicating with staff, peers, and clientele.

  • No physical altercations of any kind will be permitted – engaging in any physical altercations will invoke immediate disciplinary measures, up to and including permanent dismissal from the program.

  • The possession, use, or sale of illegal drugs, alcohol, or controlled substances without a valid prescription on LNHC School premises will invoke immediate disciplinary measures, up to and including permanent dismissal from the program.

  • Sexual harassment, including the use of sexually explicit language, gestures, and/or inappropriate or unwelcomed physical contact with any other person regardless of gender will not be tolerated. Students, staff, and clientele are expected to respect the human dignity of everyone’s choice of gender preference. Reports of inappropriate behavior will be taken seriously, investigated thoroughly, and if determined to have occurred can result in immediate disciplinary action, up to and including permanent, dismissal from the program.

  • Bullying, harassment or intimidation of LNHC School staff, students, and clientele will not be tolerated.

  • Books and equipment are property of LNHC School. Borrowed books and equipment should be treated with great care and returned with minimum damage or appearance of harsh use. Property deemed to be excessively damaged must be replaced at student expense. Please do not write in or tear pages out of books.

  • No equipment or supplies brought to LNHC School can be used by students. If needed for practical exam/demo, prior approval for use by LNHC staff required.

  • LNHC School books, workbooks, mannequins and equipment should not be removed from the premises.

  • Students must attend all theory classes. Theory class for full-time day students will begin from 9:00 am – 10:00 am and for evening part-time student’s classes will begin at 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

  • If students will be absent or late, please notify your instructor at least 24/hrs prior to your absence or tardiness.

  • Excessive absences and tardiness may result in disciplinary action.

  • Students should notify their instructor if they need to leave before the end of their scheduled time. This will help ensure that no clients will be assigned to you when you hadn’t planned to be available.

  • Students must sign in and out upon arrival, for lunch, and at the end of each day. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in the student being recorded with an unexcused absence after receiving a verbal warning.

  • Students and staff are not allowed to sign in or out for other students. Students violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary measures up to and including dismissal.

  • During times that students are present on the clinic floor they should be engaged in servicing clients or practicing on mannequins at all times. Clinic floor hour for Day students 10:10am to 3:45pm Evening students 6:10pm to 8:45pm.

  • Students working on mannequins will be given daily instruction on assigned work on the clinic floor. Instructional DVDs will be available on request.

  • Cell phones should not be visible or in use while on the clinic floor or in classrooms while instruction is being offered. Phones may be used in the event of an emergency; please keep them on “vibrate” and exit the room in the event you receive a call. Clients should communicate with student stylists through LNHC School’s front desk for all appointments. Messages will be forwarded to the student.

  • Assigned sanitation requirements must be completed daily prior to departing the school. Students will be assigned sanitation duties by the clinical instructor. Failure to complete assigned sanitation can result in disciplinary actions.

  • Refrigerator and microwave will be provided for student’s use. It is your responsibility to clean any messes you make. Please remove storage items, utensils, food items daily.

  • Students should greet clients with a smile while stating their name. Upon receiving a client, students should make sure client sign and date LNHC School’s Liability Waiver form. Hair and Scalp Analysis Cards should be reviewed and approved by the clinical instructor before services begin.

  • Students can accept tips from clients. However, students are not allowed to request tips. If a client chooses to tip, it will be at his or her discretion.

  • Upon completion of a service, students should thank the client and walk them to the front desk to ensure that all services are paid in full before the client leaves the building.

  • Please be sure to educate clients about recommended hair products /at home care.

  • Students are not allowed to accept payment for services directly from clients. Money from clients should only be handled by LNHC School staff.

professional dress code

LNHC School promotes a professional and comfortable environment. As a student of LNHC School, your professionalism requires good grooming and hygiene.

  • Personal appearance and clothing should always be clean and neat.

  • Your first impression is the one that lasts longest with your clients.

  • LNHC School only provides your lab coat/ apron and carrying bag.

  • LNHC School lab coats/ aprons shall always be worn while you are in the building. You will not be permitted in the school if you are not in compliance with this policy.

  • Black , plain, loose fitting shirts with a sleeve and comfortable pants, shall be worn under lab coats/aprons.

  • Black skirts or shorts can be worn during warmer weather. Skirts or shorts should be long enough to cover your knees.

  • No see-through clothing that allows viewing of bare skin or undergarments.

  • Closed toe shoes are required. Shoes with your heel out must have a strap. Shoes should be comfortable with a thick rubber sole. Socks and pantyhose should always be worn.

  • Clothing should not have any tears, rips, or holes

  • Absolutely no jeggings or leggings.

  • No denim or black jeans will be permitted. Material for pants, skirts or shorts should only be cotton, knit or khaki.

  • No head scarves, wraps or hats shall be permitted in the building unless for religious purposes.

  • Male and female students must always maintain well-groomed hair and faces. Hair and makeup should be done prior to your arrival at school and never on the clinic floor or in the classroom.

  • LNHC School is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property of any staff or student. All are advised to leave expensive items at home. Do not remove jewelry at the shampoo area. Please remind clients to always keep personal belongings with them as well.

  • Reasonable, fair, and dignified critique of student appearance to ensure compliance with the LNHC School Dress Code Policy is part of the responsibilities of LNHC School Staff and management.

  • Dress code policy will be enforced daily and failure to comply may be subject to disciplinary action.

Your professional appearance will be very much appreciated by management, staff, and your potential future clients.

clinic floor policy

The Clinic Floor will mimic a salon-like experience for your client. Here students will practice professional ethics, technical skills, retail promotional sales, and sanitation.

  • Students should always be in their school lab coat/apron upon entering the clinic floor. Students are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of lab coats/aprons daily.

  • No student shall perform any service on themselves while on the clinic floor.

  • Students allowed to perform services on each other at 50% discounted rate. Once weekly, must have prior approval from instructors.

  • Both students must be in good standing, with all assignments current and in good standing regarding attendance.

  • Students performing services on another student can receive points for that day. Students will be responsible for providing their own hair for extension services. Required retail price for hair used from LNHC School product inventory.

  • Students should not refuse service to a client without permission from LNHC School staff or management. Should a student feel uncomfortable or fear for their personal safety in service to a client, they should confer with the clinic instructor in private.. away from the client’s presence. It is important that students keep a positive attitude and always
    be mindful of body language and facial expressions to represent themselves and LNHC School in a professional manner.

  • Should a student become nervous, confused, or uncomfortable with performing a service, please ask for assistance from your clinic instructor. We are here to help you to the best of our ability.

  • Never talk a client out of a service. During their consultation, be sure the client is aware of the full scope of the process involved in completing the service. Make sure the style can be completed on the clinic floor within the allotted time.

  • Students must complete all assigned work on the Clinic floor before signing out for the day.

  • If Instructor sees that time is elapsing, instructor may ask another student to assist with the service. We are all learning during the service being rendered.

  • All students must be engaged with a learning tool while on the Clinic Floor. If you did not have a client, your attention should be focused on practicing with a mannequin or an instructional DVD that will help you improve your technical skills. If not working on a client, please consult with a Clinic Instructor about your options.

  • No service can be performed on a client/student until a Hair and Scalp Analysis Card/Waiver have been filled out and approved by your Clinical Instructor.

  • Student stations should be equipped and ready for service BEFORE you get your client from the waiting area. As soon as you complete the Hair and Scalp Analysis Service Card, consult with the instructor to determine products that will be needed to service the client. Clients love to see you prepared and organized.

  • Communicate clearly with your client. Be honest about your capabilities and the time frame for the services. If necessary, educate your client about the types of styles that are compatible with his/her face shape and hair texture.

  • Remember: The reason for the client’s visit is for you to offer your expertise and knowledge about natural hair care.

  • Unless assigned by an instructor, never ask another student for help. A student can ask for another student opinion if student has prior knowledge or experience about the client/ service.

  • Students should avoid conversations with clients that are negative in tone about other LNHC School students, staff, or mutual acquaintances.

  • Students should be mindful that the bathrooms are shared with the Follmer Law Office employees. All doors in the hallway should always be kept closed. Please be clean and sanitary. Turn off lights and water in restrooms. Use “inside voices” when conversing in the hallway.

  • Students that smoke are required to be at least 150 feet away from any exterior door in the complex. Students are not allowed to take “smoke breaks” while servicing clients.

  • Make sure shampoo area is cleaned and wiped down with sanitizer immediately after shampooing client.

  • Neck strips or towels should always be placed around client’s neck BEFORE putting on
    their cape.

  • Students should not hang around or hover over other students servicing clients. These gestures may make clients or other students feel uncomfortable.

  • Please always be in your designated area. Do not roam the hallways of the building.

  • You are responsible for your work station. Please sanitize, clean, and declutter between
    clients. Chairs should be wiped down with sanitizer after each client.

  • Hair on the floor should be removed immediately after client service. Hair is slippery and can be a hazard to you and your client.

  • Students should notify Instructor if tools or equipment isn’t working properly.

  • Students should advise client that any valuables should be kept with them or placed in their vehicle. LNHC School is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  • If client services encroach upon your lunch time, please notify instructor. Your lunch hour can be added as additional instructional/clinical time.

  • If a client is undecided about a particular style, show them a visual prompt from a
    magazine or book, but please do not tear out pages from LNHC School property.

classroom policy

These rules are set in place to establish professionalism in the classroom. LNHC School reserves the right to maintain an environment for learning that is safe, quiet, and respectful of each person’s unique individuality. Anyone needing 504 accommodations during testing please notify administrative staff. Textbooks and workbooks will be checked out to you in class. Students are responsible for providing the other tools and supplies needed daily for class. This includes notebook paper, pen/pencil and folders.

  • Day students need to be in class no later than 9:05 am.

  • Night students need to be in class no later than 5:05 pm

  • If a student does not respond when roll is taken, you will be counted as absent.

  • You will not be allowed in class until 10:00 am for day students, 6:00 pm for night students. (Theory hour will be lost)

  • Smocks and lab coats must be worn inside the classroom.

  • Students should not bring distractive items to class. This includes iPads, cell phones, video games, books or magazines not related to LNHC curriculum.

  • You will be warned the first time! If caught sleeping more than once, you'll be asked to sign out and go home.

  • Do not yell, scream or holler when addressing school staff, students or clients.

  • Please hang coats and heavy sweaters/outerwear in the designated area.

  • Sweaters that are not bulky can. be worn under your school lab coat/smock.

  • Cell phones should not be seen or used while in class or on the clinic floor. In case of an emergency, students may keep their phone on vibrate, excuse yourself from class/clinic floor before taking a call.

  • Saturday class is mandatory for both day and evening students.

  • There will be a 10-minute break after all theory classes.

  • Food, gum, candy or drinks are never permitted in class or on clinic floor/reception area.

  • Food and drinks should be consumed in break room only.

  • Students will be able to ask questions after instructor has taught lesson plan. Please take notes, seek instructor for clarification on instructions if needed.

  • Students are encouraged to keep track of accumulated hours and missing assignments.

  • Before completion of the LNHC School program, students will meet with administrative staff to make sure all requirements have been met to follow Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations.

  • Students completion meeting will take place when student has accumulated between 250-275 documented hours of instruction.

Behaviors that will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal from LNHC Program.

  • The sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or controlled substances without an appropriate prescription on school property and/or during school hours is strictly prohibited.

  • Insubordination

  • Physical altercations or threats thereof

  • Damages made to LNHC building or personal property.

  • Theft from school, staff, students, or clients.

  • Sexual Harassment or abuse.

  • Bullying or cyber bullying of staff, students, or clients.

Please be mindful of how you present yourself on social media. Your audience base includes potential clients.

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