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Grading & Attendance

testing & grading policy

LNHC School promotes a professional and comfortable environment. As a student of LNHC School, your professionalism requires good grooming and hygiene.

  • A passing grade requires a score of at least 75%

  • Any test can be taken up to 3 times to acquire a passing grade. IF student fails after the 3rd attempt, the student must retake the class

  • If a student is absent the day a test is given, it will be counted as one failed attempt.(Unless Doctors excused )

  • Make up day for failed/missed tests will be on Saturday morning from 10:15 am to noon.

  • You are required to notify your instructor no later than Friday at noon ,that you wish to take/ retake an exam on the following Saturday.

Grading Scale for Written Tests:
A = Excellent → 95 - 100 %

B = Good → 90 – 94%
C = Fair → 85 – 89%

D = Poor → 75 – 84%
F = Failing → 74% or below

0 = Incomplete

LNHC School sets high standards for its students. Tests are designed to allow you to reflect your mastery of course curriculum, classroom instruction, and clinical performance. LNHC School’s goal is to make each student secure in their knowledge of all elements necessary for successful completion of certification and licensing requirements.

Please take your time and remain quiet while testing.
Use your time wisely. If you get stuck on a question, skip it and go to the next one. Come back to it later if you can.

practical grading will be as followed for clinical/mannequin/client daily services

The objective every day is to accumulate 10 or more points in the clinic service area with a client/student or mannequin. Points can be combined.

10+ points →Excellent

7 – 9 points → Good

4 – 6 points → Fair

1 – 3 points → Poor

Point scale for Services Performed on the Clinic Floor


1 point = Blow dry

2 points         = Shampoo & Conditioner

                       Thermal iron Set 2-3 points.

3-5 points       = Bantu Knots/Nubian Coil

                       Loc retwist
                       Designer Cornrows

5 –10 points   = Box Braids

                       Two-Strand or Comb Twist
                       Crochet Weave/Braids
                       Sew-in Weave
                       Braid Removal
                       Yarn Braids

5 –10 points  → Weave Pieces/Wig making
                       Installing New Locs
                       Designer Cornrows /Loc's

Clinic Floor Instructors will award points according to neatness, partings, time used to complete service. Make sure your Instructor sees your finished style so you can receive points for the day. If Clinic Floor Instructor doesn’t see the work before client leaves, credit cannot be given.

attendance policy

LNHC School requires that all scheduled classes and activities be attended per the student’s agreement within contract.

Time of Attendance for Day Students: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Time of Attendance for Evening Students: 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Day and Evening Classes are held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND SATURDAY CLASSES 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

  • Student agrees to complete LNHC School 300-hour course and to take the final examination.

  • Student cannot switch classes without proper authorization from administrative staff.

  • Monthly attendance and grade reports will be given to each student. If there is a discrepancy or question, please notify administrative staff.

  • LNHC School will be closed to observe the following holidays:

o Martin Luther King Jr Birthday
o President’s Day
o Independence Day (July 4)
o Memorial Day
o Labor Day
o Thanksgiving Day/after
o Winter Holiday (December 23 – January 2nd)

  • Students requiring make-up time or work caused by unexcused absences that extend beyond their allotted contract hours will incur additional charges of $5.00 per hour to LNHC School.

  • Excused absences will only be accepted with proper documentation. You will not be allowed to enter theory class until after 10:00 am for day students and 6:00 pm for evening students.

  • If you are returning late from break/lunch, proper documentation will be required to enter class. If unexcused after your first verbal warning. Tardy returning from break /lunch you will not be allowed afternoon or evening hours. You will be asked to leave for the day.

  • Students understand that they are a full-time student and required to clock 92 hours per month or part-time students required to clock 68 hours per month.

  • Failure to complete scheduled hours can result in written warning, probation period, and including dismissal from the program.

  • If a student is on probation for attendance/academics he or she cannot receive services from other students.

  • The LNHC School Program should take approximately 3.5 months to finish if student is attending full-time, 6 months to finish if student is attending part-time.

  • If student miss 10% of LNHC School program , student will be dismissed from the program.

  • Student may request a leave of absence (LOA). A leave of absence will expire 30 days after the date of which it was granted. On the 31st day, student must return to school. If student hasn't returned back to school on the 32nd day, the student will be dropped from the program and re-enrollment will be required. Upon returning after LOA, all payments must be current if enrolled in the LNHC School payment plan.

  • LNHC School new student classes will begin every 8 weeks.

* In case of weather emergency closures. LNHC School personnel will notify students by email, text message or phone call. These days will not be counted against credit hours for the program.

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