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Logistic Natural Hair Care School

Mission Statement:

Logistic Natural Hair Care School (LNHC) symbolizes chic, sophisticated unique ways of styling for all natural hair textures. LNHC students will offer services for every occasion - work, school, weddings, prom, and everyday wear. Students will have the knowledge to properly transition, manage, and maintain healthy natural hair. LNHC School will service women, men and children of all ethnicities.


Samantha Carter has over 20 years experience in the Cosmetology field. LNHC School goal is to teach students techniques that will focus on keeping hair healthy and stylish.
Students will be equipped with the knowledge and tools that can empower them for success in
today’s competitive beauty industry.


Students can expect reasonably priced, high quality instruction. LNHC School strives to maintain an amicable, fair, and dynamically creative learning environment where differences and ideas are respected and hard work is valued.

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